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I Want to Get a Tech Job but Don't Know Where to Begin

Find Your Fit is the perfect starting point.

Because selecting the right role is, by far, the most important step in landing a tech job, this course goes in-depth on that critical inflection point. After all, if a tech recruiter doesn't think you fit the role you've applied for, you'll never get an interview, let alone break into tech. 

As such, here's what you can expect:

  • I'll walk you through every major non-technical job - from Product Management to Project Management, from BizOps to BizDev - including what they do all day and what kind of people fit them best
  • You'll complete an interactive exercise to identify which role is the perfect one for you, using the digital workbook I include with the course
  • You'll revamp your resume and LinkedIn profile to make sure they're perfectly aligned with that role

I'm Ready to Start Looking but I'm a Linkedin Novice

Land the Perfect Job with LinkedIn is the right choice.

That's because LinkedIn is the #1 tool you'll need to break into tech as a non-techie. Given that tech recruiters would generally prefer to hire people who've already worked in tech, you need to fight harder to get their attention - and that's exactly what LinkedIn lets you do.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to use the exact right keywords on your LinkedIn profile to show up on recruiters' searches
  • How to build your network so that, even if you don't know a single techie, you'll be able to find contacts at any tech company in the world
  • How to research companies to make sure they're right for you - and get an insider edge during your interviews

I Know My Dream Job - Now I Just Need to Go Out and Get It

Land Your First Tech Job will take you there!

Because while the other courses are geared towards setting you up for success, this course walks you step-by-step through the actual application process. And so if you're confident that you know where you belong in tech, this is the right place to finish up your journey.

As such, this is what we'll cover:

  • How to find every single tech job for your desired role - from the biggest tech giant to the tiniest startup
  • A visual walkthrough of every step you need to get a referral for your dream job - which will guarantee you an interview
  • Line-by-line reviews of good and bad answers for every typical tech interview question - along with a full preparation plan

Here's Your Course Selection Cheatsheet

  • I'm Starting My Search

    The most important step in any job search is the first one: Knowing which roles to focus on. If you want to explore tech career paths and find the perfect one for you, Find Your Fit is the right place to begin.

  • I'm a LinkedIn Novice

    LinkedIn is the most powerful tool for career change - from getting recruiters interested in you to connecting with company insiders. If you're new to this tool, Land the Perfect Job with LinkedIn is essential training.

  • I'm Ready to Win the Job

    When you know the exact role you're looking for, it's time to go out there and get it. Land Your First Tech Job will walk you through every single step - from first application to final interview - to nail the job of your dreams.

  • I Just Need a Resume

    Maybe you're *this* close to the dream job and just need a great resume or cover letter. Then go with our shortest, fastest course: Build a Resume + Cover Letter That Win Interviews

  • I Want Cutting-Edge Advice

    You're not satisfied with just using the regular tools to land a great job. So leverage the power of AI in our newest course: Accelerate Your Job Search with ChatGPT

  • I Want It All

    The Tech Career LaunchpadCareer Algorithm Masterclass, and Complete Career Masterclass Collection bundles save you 25%+ off the standard rate.

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