Land a Great Job with LinkedIn

A Step-by-Step Video Guide | Taught by The LinkedIn Guys

Course Description

Actively looking for a new job? Just keeping an eye out for better opportunities?

Unleash the potential of LinkedIn on your job search!

We teach you the best insider strategies to use LinkedIn to take your next professional step.

In this course you'll learn:

  • The critical 5-step process for any job search
  • How to make the most of the newest changes to LinkedIn
  • How to explore companies & roles, through powerful but hidden features
  • How to get "in" & find warm leads at places you might want to work
  • What a great LinkedIn profile looks like -- and how to get yours there
  • The most important parts of a LinkedIn profile -- and what doesn't matter
  • What recruiters see what they search for candidates -- and how to stand out
  • Tips for searching for jobs on LinkedIn -- and having them pushed to you
  • Best practices for networking on LinkedIn
  • Getting introduced to people that get help get you in the door
  • Hacks for getting to "know" new people in positions of power
  • How to prepare for informational or actual interviews using LinkedIn's tools

Each section also includes checklists with goals and to-do's.

Stand out from the competition with The LinkedIn Guys!

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Job Offers Earned with These Methods

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

The course is 100% on-demand so it starts as soon as you're ready. And while it will take about 10 hours to complete all the videos and exercises, do them at your own pace.

How long do I have access to the course?

Great jobs come and go. You may need a refresher. So you'll have complete, lifetime access on your computer, tablet, or phone (or whatever else we're all using in the future!).

Why did you create this course?

We know. LinkedIn can be confusing. But it's critical for the job search. We get lots of requests to help job seekers better understand it, and stay on top of what's new. This is our way to share what we know with everyone. We originally developed this course for top-tier MBAs, but the content applies to any experience level or age.

What if I'm not satisfied with the course?

Our techniques work. Many job seekers have used them to find jobs (and to get found). We're confident you'll be able to do the same. If you're not 100% satisfied, well, see below...

Money Back Guarantee

If this course wasn't helpful, email us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Period.

The LinkedIn Guys
The LinkedIn Guys

Jeremy Schifeling and Omar Garriott spent several years leading product marketing at LinkedIn for colleges, students, & alumni -- helping millions of people grow their careers on the world's largest professional network. Now we help job seekers of all ages do the same.

Only the LinkedIn Guys are experts with the inside scoop on the latest, greatest strategies & tips to land the perfect job. Take it from the dudes who actually worked at LinkedIn!

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Reviews (133)

Stepping stone

by Wael El Jurdi
this course was like a stepping stone in the job search via linked in.

by Garrett Ramsey


by Megan Cipollini
This course highlighted the features that are most useful for research, networking, and optimizing your profile.. super useful and easy to digest. Looking forward to putting some of the tips into action soon!
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Stepping stone

by Wael El Jurdi
this course was like a stepping stone in the job search via linked in.

by Garrett Ramsey


by Megan Cipollini
This course highlighted the features that are most useful for research, networking, and optimizing your profile.. super useful and easy to digest. Looking forward to putting some of the tips into action soon!

Very informative and eye opening

by Evans Ndiritu
Reakky opened my eyes in terms of how to use linked and gave me a new perspective.

An useful insight about LinkedIn and its features as well as wonderful tool to develop your strategy to get hired

by Pedro Antonio Moreno Sánchez
The course has impressed me a lot (I get there by chance from another course about linkedin). It gives you a brief but complete overview about LinkedIn can offer you to get hired. Furthermore, the structure of the course gives you the hint to build a solid strategy to looking for your dream job and finally get hire, I hope it happens to me ;)

by Sowande Snagg

Which course is right for you

by Pauil Feeney
Great review of what the power LinkedIn can do for you when you know how the machine works !

Excellent Course!

by Pamela Cook
I feel this is an excellent course. It not only covers the functions of LinkedIn but also information to help people looking for work and the nuances of doing job searches online. For people that may have been out of the job market because of life situations this course can help them be successful from start to finish regarding finding their dream job.

by Ashwani Kumar

by Максим Голендухин

Well details course

by Afeez Abu
It's a rich course with good content anyone new to LinkedIn can understand it and land a good job. Also existing users will learn more from the course materials and get good job.

Concise Presentation non how to refine a Linkedin Profile and maximize its benefits

Simple tips for the presentation of the profile and more importantly networking skills from insiders that surely improve opportunity chances a lot. This course is a must for grads.

Excellent course!

by Max Cohen
I've learned some aspects of use the LinkedIn that I didn't know about. Very useful! Thanks Jeremy and Omar! :)

by Luc Lebouteiller

A Great Guide to a perfect LinkedIn profile

by Nitish Dube

by Roza Pozhidaeva


by Pruthvi Nagesh Murthy
The course was helpful in bringing into light the true potential of LinkedIn in the job search.

by Patrícia Silva

Great Tips

by kenneth nicholas
Thanks for sharing all the information and knowledge! I am make meaningful changes on my profile. I am positive that it will now attract recruiters. Soon I will get where I want to be! Best, Kenny

by Rodrigo Azevedo

Good Insights for the Powerful Tool

by Akshay Sharma
This course reaffirms the fact that LinkedIn is a powerful tool for various goals and provides great insights on how to make the most of this tool. The concise course makes it easy to finish within the short amount of time and the checklists at end of each module summarize the content pretty well.

by Declan Stokes

Very informative and extremely helpful

by Mohamad Yassine
A lot of features that I did not know actually existed on LinkedIN, and thanks to the course, I am more confident about landing the perfect job opportunity. Very simple and piece-by-piece explanation.

Informative and Practical

by Xiao Han
I particularly love the demos that come along with the instructions. Thank you.

by Donna Srader
Excellent information. I would highly recommend this course to others. Thank you!

Well Worth It: Land the Perfect Job with LinkedIn

by Christopher Stroup
What we forget is that LinkedIn is largely a massive search engine for professionals. Being able to see how to leverage that innate ability of LinkedIn, whether to find alumni, jobs or individuals inside your dream company, was very powerful. I fully expect to employ the tips outlined in these videos to improve my profile and to help with my job search.

Comprehensive guide to LinkedIn

by Stefano Berutti
Very useful and practical guide to LinkedIn's functionalities for Job searching. Worth following.

by Federico Ciasca

Give your Linkedin knowledge a turbo boost

by Ethan Fesperman
As a career coach, I appreciated the clear and concise nature of the modules. We all are bombarded with info, so it was refreshing to work through a course that delivered tools and tactics that I could use immediately! Well done!

Amazing course!

by Jesus Biquez Talayero
I knew LinkedIn was an amazing tool that helps both recruiters and professionals, but after this course I was blown out of the water. The insights it provides, as well as the examples given to you open your eyes to the huge blind spots left on the LinkedIn profile by any casual user. I will recommend it to many people in my inner circles as this is an extremely valuable tool to have.


by Carmela Fabbricatore
Discovering the secrets of Linkedin through a clear and concise guide, full of heplful tips. Smart format and visually appealing design, 5 stars experience.

Great course.

by Samar Habib
Absolutely love it. Straight forward advice that I never would have thought of myself. Gold.

Surprisingly great! Exceeded expectations!

by Felipe Ferreira
As someone who did not find LinkedIn very useful, my goal upon starting this course was very simple: I hoped to learn how to make LinkedIn a useful platform for me. Even before the end, this goal had been reached already. The audio is simple and direct, the visual communication was clear and up-to-date with the platform. Overall, fantastic course!

Very Helpful!

by Juan Astolfi Fernandez
Course takes you through step by step of what you need to do in a very simple and practical manner. Worth doing!

Great Course. Simple & Complete!

by María Sofía Rodríguez Lira

Completely eye-opening

by Krzysztof Schmude
I learned that the LinkedIn profile needs to be optimized if I want recruiters to visit it. I also learned the functions that LinkedIn has added recently that I did not know. Moreover, I could see what a recruiter's LinkedIn page looks like.

Very insightful

by Leila Areff
I had no idea about most of the functionality I learnt on this course, My profile has improved immensely.

Nice Course!

by Iñigo de Asúa Vílchez
I will include some test, although no graded, helps keep the attention and gets the information stuck in. Thanks for all, very helpfull!

Great! I recommend to all recent grads or seniors

by Arianna Masson
Thank you for creating this awesome course! I enjoyed watching the videos, and found the demos & checklists to be super helpful. This course helped me develop my professional online persona a TON, and I feel so much more prepared for entering the professional world after I graduate.

It's like SEO for LinkedIn

by Alexander Lechner
The authors of this course showed some pretty cool tools on LinkedIn which I haven't been aware that they even exist. Also, I liked the advice on how to pimp your LinkedIn profile to get noticed by recruiters. Very informative and I can definitely recommend this course! Hope to find my next job with this information.

Great course on how to use linkedin to find a job

by Waïna Landauro
Enjoyed it very much. Finished in less than a day! Pretty cool to make great progress un your job searches. 5 stars.

Land the Perfect Job review

by Pilar Ángel Bengoa Guerrero
I really like the course. It not only gives you a detailed guideline of the steps you need to follow to get your dream job but also how to use all the tools that LinkedIn offers and in most cases are not known by everyone. Thanks a lot!

Learning the hidden gems of LinkedIn

by Amit Jain
I just finished "Land the Perfect Job with LinkedIn" course, and I can't believe how much more I have learnt about LinkedIn that I was not aware of. Very helpful and meaniningful information. I am going to leverage the tools that LinkedIn offers. Teaching style and explaination pace is perfect.

by Daniel Pack

Good course

by Traian Purnichi MD PhD
With this course you get a fast review on how to use LinkedIn in your favor

Prefect course to get familiar with LinkedIn

by Amisha Singh
This course was a step-by-step guide on how you can use LinkedIn, and how it can be a very powerful tool in your job-search that you can use to your advantage.

by Patrick-Cesar Accaoui

Great course!

by Davide Roncaglia
Initially I was doubtful about this course on Linkedin, while it has been great to have attended it! It helped me a lot to understand how to improve my profile and use all the other tools that Linkedind offers! Highly recommended!

Useful information

by Jacek Szczycinski
Usually we don't have enough time to explore all the social media we use. This course gave me the opportunity to get familiar with many details that I had not idea they existed. Usually we don't have enough time to explore all the social media we use. This course gave me the opportunity to get familiar with many details that I had not idea they existed. It supported me to expose my strengths.

Very good course

by Ibrahim Helmy
Very good course , helped me more to enhance my profile in linked in , thank you very much for the pretty effort

Many thanks and congratulations

by Andrea Adragna
First of all, I'd like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to join this enriching online course. Congratulations on both the course and the captivating format.

Awesome course to take full advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer

by Sanhueza Felipe
A very clear, dinamic and easy to understand video - based course that goes through all the relevant alternatives that LinkedIn has to offer in order to proactively search your dream job, maximize the chances to get access to that possition and finally get hired!

Two thumbs up!

by Olivier Toussaint
Excellent course! Well organized, great content coverage, easy to follow, and very helpful!

Detailed, Direct, and Clear!

by Tania Jamault
This was an excellent course to take about the wonderful and exciting world of LinkedIn - would strongly recommend to anyone looking to learn more about the benefits of LinkedIn!

A Must Guide For Any Job Seeker on How to Effectively Utilize Linkedin

by Larry Faskowitz
Clear, concise, and pragmatic approach. Highly prescriptive and efficient way to navigate Linkedin for maximum job search effectiveness. Even if you have read other materials on the subject, this course is a terrific reinforcement of the most important principals for using Linkedin in your job search. I highly recommend it!

Brilliant Course

by Nitin Raj Banavikal Math
This course has given me some much knowledge about LinkedIn and how best I can use LinkedIn to land the perfect job. Thank you for doing this course.

Helpful introduction for the MBA student

by Dillon Cory
As someone who is coming to an MBA program as a career switcher, this program was very helpful in dusting off my LinkedIn profile and truly optimizing for recruiters. I recommend this for all those looking for a new job.

Great information in an accessible format

by George Piland
I enjoyed learning from the videos. It was very helpful to hear the information, then watch a demonstration. Would have been even better if the demo could have some customization. Instead of seeing just product marketing, could I have selected "consulting" then seen demos specific to that. Nice to have not a must have.


by Sungani Banda
Simple and easy to follow! Thank you!

Insightful and extremely well structured

by Rajat Sheoran
Kudos for an amazing course. I loved every aspect of it. Really helpful for anyone looking to leverage Linkedin for job hunting.

Very good guide material

by Rakesh Roshan
Very good step by step guidance with demonstration of each step.

by Nikita Gambani

5 Stars!

by Micah Bergman
Great information to really make my LinkedIn profile stand out from the pack. Couldn't have been easier to follow and learn.

by Anurag Lakshminarayan

Beautifully segmented and tech-friendly!

by Caroline Ray
Because of this program, I not only know about all the amazing functions LinkedIn has to offer, I know how to access them myself! The demos provided by Jeremy and Omar are easy to follow, short and to the point, and engaging. The checklists summarize the information succinctly and really resonate with the viewer. 10/10 would recommend to someone joining the workforce or wanting to make a positive career change!

it's very informative

by Chiou Jiin Huang
I wasn't expected to learn this much! the videos were short and sweet, definitely going to review them sometime!

Great Stuff!

by William Lipscomb

Amazing and helpful content

by Pratik Toshniwal
Hello, Thank you so much for creating the videos with helpful content. I particularly liked the videos where I learned how the recruiters use LinkedIn.

Review of Land the Perfect Job with LinkedIn

by John Mitchell Cobb
This course was very informative and provided a lot of information on tools that I did not know were available to me. I have been out of my undergraduate degree for over five years and I cannot believe the steps LinkedIn has taken to make the job searching process more simple. Furthermore, the information LinkedIn provides is incredible. This course if definitely worth your time as it will help you take your job hunting skills to the next level.

by Kenil Shah

A great insight into how LinkedIn can be useful.

by Prathamesh Prasad Bachal
LinkedIn has always been my weakness and I haven't come across many comprehensive tutorials about it. This course serves as a great starting point to add that polish and oomph to your profile which might have been missing. It gave me a significant understanding about how LinkedIn works from a recruiter's perspective which will definitely change the way I look at and use LinkedIn. I strongly recommend this course for anyone who wants to make their LinkedIn job search better.


by Anthony Obi
Eye opening course on the potentials of Linkedin

Amazing series of videos!

by Chetan Joshi
The videos highlight the undiscovered/unknown parts about LinkedIn and acts as a perfect tool to help us utilise LinkedIn to its full potential. This crash course should be made available to everyone who thinks LinkedIn as a Career based Social Network only. Thank you for the amazing insight into LinkedIn.

by Stephen Haworth

Loved it!

by Ellie Ramey
I was a complete beginner to LinkedIn. I was very nervous when creating my profile. My undergraduate education was not in business, so I was afraid I may not be able to create a profile that set me apart. After this course, I feel like I can create a unique and effective profile. I also feel like I now understand the ins and outs of the site and am not longer intimidated. Thank you so much for all of your help!


by Clyde Fomunung
This course was intuitive and provided a great amount of beneficial information. I truly showed me the various ways I can utilize LinkedIn as a tool to land the perfect job opportunity. With this information, I plan on revamping my LinkedIn profile to not only stand out further to recruiters but to also gain additional connections, thus leading to even more open doors.

Its precise. Catches reader's attention to how exactly linked in will help him/her to get a perfect job.

by Sarika Singh
Text is very detailed, easy to understand and very informing. It covers all the aspects of how LinkedIn exactly works. I found it really helpful and hope that this will certainly help me to build my LinkedIn profile in a much better way than what it used to be earlier.

Information that I need, and never knew it!

by Samuel Pate
This course was great, and I especially loved the way that the sections broke up into easy little areas that are fun to follow. I liked the initial video, demo and finally the text checklist.

Excellent Instruction

by Ally Mullen
I thought this course was amazing and really helped me to see how to maximize my benefits from LinkedIn. There clearly was a lot I didn't know about. I liked how they taught through examples to help you see exactly what you need to do so you can do it on your own on the website. I would definitely recommend this course to help improve your network and chances of getting a job.

Best Job Search Video in Simple Language

by Munawwar Ahsan
It was indeed an eye opener for me. Using LinkedIn as an effective tool helped me a lot. I may have not got any job yet but hopefully will help me look for job in a smarter way.

by Queeta Hewitt Welch
This was a great course. I learned so much! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

In-depth introduction to LinkedIn

by Claudia Carrone
This course is a very complete and in-depth introduction to LinkedIn. It gave me some tips that I didn't know and will help me in my job hunt. Examples are detail and demos are easy to follow. I really recommend it!

Land a Great Job

by Skyler Bailey
For some context: My undergraduate degree was not in business, and I am now starting my masters in information systems in the Kelley School of Business. My school recommended I complete this course, and I am so glad I did! Before taking this course I had no idea how to network or where to start. Now, I feel confident using LinkedIn to network over the summer before my classes start. There are many tools I had no idea existed, and now I can use those to leverage my time over my competition. Thank you!

Packed with practical insights

by Zack Hausrath
My head is swimming with insights right now. This course provides a wealth of practical information about using LinkedIn to develop your career, much of which isn't publicly available on the web. The pace and content are perfectly structured to allow you to adjust your profile along the way, take notes on the more involved steps that you can pursue to build out your LinkedIn presence, and work towards landing your dream job. It exceeded my expectations for what a course like this would be and has easily earned a five-star review.

Great in-depth LinkedIn Course

by Cullie Poseria
This course taught me some tools for doing research and connecting which I will definitely use. It was also nice to see what the recruiters see while they search for candidates. Only limitation I had with the course was that when conducting searches, I didn't have a lot of school connections to the companies of my top interest, and LinkedIn told me I hit my limit on searches, so I couldn't easily access people.

Fantastic course

by Vijayalakshmi Sundararaman
Loved the course and how it was developed. I especially liked that it was consistently in the format of a description of a function, its demo and finally a checklist for using that function on Linkedin. This is a great example of the outcome from people who have been teachers.

Excellent Course

by Spencer Richards
I learned a lot from this course. I went from not having a photo or more than a few jobs on LinkedIn (basically not existing) to having an all-star profile and a much better handle on how networking and job-hunting should be. The instructions and demonstrations were clear and easy to follow, regardless of experience level.

by Rudrendu Paul

Well done and very detail oriented materials!!

by Eric Chen
Hi Omar and Jeremy, I enjoyed every second of the videos that you guys put together. I thank you very much for being well thought out. In particularly, I appreciate the speed of you speak, which is clear and well paced. One thing I would like to see is adding subtitle to every clip. This would greatly help those who are non native speaker. Once again, thank you very much for your time.

Good to Great!

by Maxwell Williams
Overall, the course was extremely helpful. I found it particularly helpful to learn more about how recruiters use LinkedIn and how I can position myself most effectively. I also found the advanced search functionality extremely helpful. It would be helpful if there was an external document that had more details re: advanced search syntax. I am interested in finding companies who have a agile and/or DevOps culture. As a result, companies who have employees with titles like "Agile Coach", "Scrum Master", or "DevOps Engineer" are especially interesting to me. The ability to search for companies like this would be valuable to me.

Very Insightful

by Karen Chu
I learned a lot about what differentiates a top candidate on LinkedIn and what it takes to be found. Planning to use these tips for my LinkedIn to move me to the next level. Thanks!

by Scott Perry

Amazing tips

by Elie Kawerk
This course covers a great number of tips and tricks to be used on Linkedin. A course of this quality is really hard to find elsewhere.


by tian yang

by Duy Tung Luu

Super helpful

by Jose Granados
Nice demos on where everything is located on LinkedIn and definitely got some good ideas on how to make a profile that recruiters will notice.

Review on Course "How to use Linked-in Effectively"

by deepak gupta
Great course guys, well done!! keep it updated!

Great course to get the most out of LinkedIn

by Mai-Linh Hoang
This course provides a great framework to help you maximize the usefulness of LinkedIn - highly recommended. I've had a few recruiters approaching via LinkedIn since I completed this course.

Offered lots of tips and great profile improvements.

by Kenneth Rogers
The course went into detail on how to improve your LinkedIn profile and gave good examples. It offered ways to improve your chances of being found by recruiters as well as how to reach out to recruiters and get connections.


by Giacomo Bettazzi
It's the best and most useful career-oriented course I have ever taken! An exceptional step-by-step course that guides you through all the steps to take to get your dream job! It's very insightful and incredibly practical. I really recommend it! Thanks, guys!

Land the Perfect Job with LinkedIn

by Mark T. Davis
Very through, extensive, informative, and professional - enjoyed it thoroughly and gleaned a lot of great actionable information - thank you, I thought it was very well done!

I think the title is insightful for what the video is.

by Andrew Rosenberg
It gave me great information on how to leverage my Linkedin to get the job that I want.

Amazing Course

by Olga Dernovska
I could not even imagine that one course can have so much useful information. Some of the things I learned were completely shock for me. I never looked at the process of the job search from the recruiter's side. From this course, I found out that some of the things that I thought are important are not even visible to recruiters! I learned how to go higher on their search lists, and how to gain their attention.

by Roland TAMBOU

Informative, to the point

by Cao Pham
I thought I already had an all-star profile, but Break Into Tech made me realize what I've been missing out on and what I am not utilizing to the fullest. I'm going to keep those tips in mind when I continue my job search, starting NOW!

An excellent course for LinkedIn newbies

by Fahim Ud Din
This is an excellent course for LinkedIn newbies, and actually not only for them, even for people like me who had been using LinkedIn naively over the course of many years but not taking full advantage of the platform. Highly recommended

Great Course

by Al Andrews

LinkedIn is SO much more than a "Facebook for work"

by Brandon Sutter
This course was extremely helpful in understanding the true power of networking with LinkedIn. Before starting this course, I never thought much of LinkedIn. In fact I always thought of it as a type of Facebook for work. After completing the course, I now know how wrong I was! Jeremy and Omar break everything down into small, easy to understand lessons. Everything is crystal clear, and there is a fluid progression with actionable steps that can help anyone to build the perfect LinkedIn profile. Since I have completed the course, I added almost 70 new connections, received a 200% increase in profile views, and I was even contacted directly by a recruiter in my industry. I will definitely use LinkedIn to break into the perfect role at my dream company! Thank you both so much for taking the time to create this awesome course.

Great overview of useful Linkedin features

by Julie Shawcross
Instructors demonstrated how LinkedIn can be leveraged in all phases of career management and job search; how to conduct exploration and research using the tool was particularly informative.

Nice introduction

by Allison Cooke
I enjoyed getting an insider's view of LinkedIn, to see what information is actually important and what recruiters are looking for.

Just what I needed

by keith moorman
I have had a LinkedIn profile for years but have never known or attempted to bring it to its full potential and this course has given me the step-by-step process to do that. Clear, concise, and practical!

LinkedIn Tutorital Videos

by Iliana Abarca
I honestly thought the videos were great! I found them very useful. I will continue to look back to these videos for reference. Thank you guys!

Nice and Easy

by Louie Palacios
Loved it because it had the visual representation of every step!

Linkedin review

by Pamela Howard
I thought the course was very purposeful and is certainly a method to help me utilize the tool of job search that is Linkedin. I really enjoyed the videos, and appreciated the screen shots and breakdown step-by-step method that was used. I am now making connections and on my way thanks to the course. I am recommending it to a few colleagues that have been out of the loop for a while, this is certainly not only helpful to students but to those re-entering the market as well. Thank you!!

Review of LinkedIn tutorial

by Thomas Hatley
I found the tutorial very well done, I like how it is broken into sections; this makes digesting the information quite a lot easier. I also really love that one video will explain an idea and how it helps one get jobs through LinkedIn and the following video is a step by step on how to do this technique followed by a summary page of the technique, I feel like that sandwiched technique really adds to one's ability to absorb and really understand the information.

Introduction to LinkedIn

by Alexander Ivanov
Amazing guide on how to get the most out of LinkedIn functionality and make it a powerful tool in a job search.

by Tina Tan
I really enjoyed the format of the course. It was modern looking and super easy to follow. I liked the short lengths of the videos and the checklists were helpful!

Land a great job with linkedin

by Asal Mirsalimi, CPA
The course was extremely helpful, I was able to utilize the information to upgrade my profile as well as to learn about LinkedIn features I was not aware of.

Great video

by Dena Peyster
Extremely helpful - loved the Checklist slides at the end of each section!

Great tips and tools to build a job seeking strategy

by Rose Nitzsche

Very useful, hands-on advice for job hunting on LinkedIn

by Katharina Kopf
This is a very detailed exploration of how LinkedIn can help you land your dream job. You get useful and practical advice on how to start networking and how to improve your profile so that recruiters actually find you through their various filters. It is well explained and if you follow all the steps it will most likely increase your chances to land an interview (if you know which company/companies you want to work for, and which roles to target).

Great Course for soon to be MBA Graduates

by Crystal Green
I took this course as a part of a course during my MBA Program. This course transformed by Linkedin profile and already have exponentially more profile views than I did before. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to revamp their Linkedin profile and get noticed!

A thorough and clear guide to LinkedIn

by James Robinson
I completed this course in preparation for beginning my MBA program. I've spent a good amount of time on LinkedIn over the past year, but even for someone who's invested energy on the site there were valuable insights. The demonstration of advanced Boolean searches and the explanation of the importance of key words were particularly useful. Also their demonstrations of research techniques changed how I'll go about establishing connections and preparing for interviews. The hosts are also engaging so even relatively dry topics move along. The only slight downside of the course is that many topics are covered from a high level, and so further research/reading might be needed to really get into specific topics (e.g. 48 Ways to Make your Headline Shine!). Still this is a great course that covers topics anyone serious about LinkedIn needs to know.

Super helpful

by Meghan Ford
This course gives you all the ins and outs of LinkedIn. Even someone who has an all-star profile according to LinkedIn will benefit from going through this course and actually making changes after each step of the process.

Land a Great Job with LinkedIn!

by Pamela McNeill
Clear and concise explanations with invaluable demos.

Excellent and very insightful.

by Bright Frimpong
The course is the most practical career guidance one would ever get. It is just incredible.

Succinct, Clear, Informative

by Katy Montgomery
"Land a Great Job with LinkedIn" was a great online course. In under two hours, job searchers will find LinkedIn easy to navigate. What distinguishes this LinkedIn tutorial, is the insider's view of how employers/recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates. Understanding how the LinkedIn algorithm works and how to make the most of keywords, job titles, headlines, and skills to get noticed by recruiters was incredibly useful. Job searchers, having completed this training, leave with practical and relevant information that can be implemented immediately.

Well worth your time!

by Susan Goodwin
This was an excellent course in explaining and demonstrating how to best use LinkedIn to search for a job. I've been a career coach for 11 years and learned about many new features.

by Meghan Radford

by Kristen Hintz

by Manuel Kortright

Brilliant ideas about LinkedIn

by Nancy Cano
It was an outstanding course guided by talent and expert facilitators. I learned a lot and provided step by step information. I like the videos, the checklist, the conclusion at the end From my point of view it was very well done!!! Many thanks Only one thing. I know the course was focus on USA, how about Canada? that is data information about salary etc. Do you have that too..

Your Fast Track to LinkedIn Mastery!

by Tarek Hassan
Maybe LinkedIn has grown into complex website and app, same story as in Facebook. To make things worse, it's new interface and many functionalities have been shuffled thus turning us - loyal users - into big ignorants in one night! But worry no more, this course takes you by hand so you regain your familiarity (or get familiar) with this mine of gold and learn fantastic strategies and techniques that go beyond the apparent interface of LinkedIn! Highly recommended...