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A step-by-step blueprint for finding and positioning yourself for the perfect tech job! | Taught by Jeremy Schifeling

Course Description

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • You're passionate about tech - you're always checking out the latest gadget or app
  • And you think it would be amazing to work at a cool tech company - anywhere from Google to Snapchat
  • But you don't know how to code - so it feels like you're permanently stuck on the outside

Well have no fear. I've been there: After starting my career as a kindergarten teacher, I never thought I'd break into tech. And sure enough, I got tons of rejection letters from every tech company out there.

Until I finally cracked the code: How to make myself irresistible to tech recruiters.

And that insight led me to jobs at Apple, LinkedIn, and VC-backed startups, where I started hiring my own tech teams.

Now, for the first time, I want to teach you these same skills. So that you know exactly how to:

  1. Understand the top 10 tech jobs that don't require any coding - what they do all they day + whether you'd like them
  2. Find your perfect fit and test that fit by building a network of experts at your dream companies
  3. Position your LinkedIn profile and resume to win over recruiters and get interviews, just like I did

And just know that this isn't a typical online course like Coursera or Udacity. You're not just going to sit back, watch boring hour-long lectures, and then give up after a day. Instead, because I'm a former teacher, I've designed the course to get you real results:

  • Each lesson is less than 7 minutes and features the same cutting-edge presentation you'd expect to see in an Apple keynote
  • There's an action step built into every lesson, so that you're constantly moving closer to your goal - not just watching
  • I provide step-by-step instructions for completing each key action so you always know exactly what to do!

  • I'll show you four different free tools that will help you find tech experts to connect with, get their email addresses, and stay in touch with them (including how to get the most out of LinkedIn without buying a subscription)
  • I include an interactive workbook that tracks your progress, gives you the keywords and bullet points you'll need to impress recruiters, and even reminds you of key deadlines
  • And I even give you all the exact templates for your emails and informational interviews, so you always know exactly what to say!

So what are you waiting for? Don't waste another second reading blogs or watching videos that don't get you any closer to working in tech. Find your fit today and then get ready to break into tech!

Jeremy Schifeling
Jeremy Schifeling
Founder + CEO, Break into Tech

Jeremy is the founder and CEO of Break into Tech - a resource site for all people exploring tech careers, even those with non-technical backgrounds. As a former kindergarten teacher who landed roles at Apple and LinkedIn, Jeremy knows that the tech world is surprisingly open to all kinds of talent. And so now he's paying that opportunity forward by sharing his expertise with the next generation, helping hundreds of brand-new techies earn offers from Google and Facebook to Spotify and Zendesk.

Contact me any time at!

Course Curriculum

1) You Belong in Tech
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2) An Untraditional Approach to Teaching
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3) Why Picking a Role Is So Critical
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